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The Biomechanics Lab is contracted by ASICS Oceania to independently test footwer product.

Our research team is constantly looking to add to our database of wear testers and research subjects. As an active wear-tester, it’s not all just about the free shoes - your input will shape the fit, function, design and colour of future footwear models. You will be asked to test product, both in our performance lab and out in the real world, as well as provide feedback on consumer product.

To become a running footwear wear-tester, you must first:

  • Agree to all terms of the agreement
  • Be a men’s size US 9 or female US 7 running shoe
  • Run a minimum of 15 kms per week
  • Be available for testing at a weeks notice
  • Had no major MSK injuries in the last 6 months

There are also opportunities for wear-testing product in other sports. Specifically:

  • Football (size requitement = Mens US 8.5 and 9)
  • Cricket (size requitement = Men’s US 9 & 10)
  • Netball (size requitement = Womens US 8.5)
  • Touch Football (size requitement = Men’s 10.5, Womens 8.5)

We seek a broad variety of athletes, from recreational runners to elite athletes, each dedicated both to their sport and to providing constructive and candid feedback on the shoes they test.

For more details about the program, visit our What it involves page.

T apply to be a wear-tester, please leave your details here