ASICS Wear-test program - participant requirements / participant-info / weartest-program-requirements

Thank you for your interest in being part of our footwear research program!

Please read the disclaimer and program requirements carefully, and ensure you agree to the terms of the wear test agreement prior to completing the registration form.


  • Registering your interest in joining our running research program does not guarantee you will receive a product to test or an invitation to our Biomechanics Lab. We unfortunately cannot guarantee, promise or predict any future testing.
  • If invited to test product, please note we will conduct detailed assessment of you wearing the shoes, whether that is in the field using mobile monitoring techniques, or in our gait lab using 3D motion analysis. This will involve you being filmed, but your confidentiality will be protected at all times. 
  • If you do receive product to test, it remains the property of The Biomechanics Lab. At times, you will be able to keep the product we provide you with. However, at other times, we will require you return the product back to The Biomechanics Lab so we can conduct further testing.

Wear-Test Participant Requirements

  • Is 18 years of age or older
  • Has read the What it involves page about the program
  • Agrees to all terms of the wear test agreement (attachment below)
  • Agrees to not post or share any pictures or information on the internet of testing product received or data collection activities participated in (other than with specified permission from the Director of The Biomechanics Lab)
  • Agrees to return shoes and/or other product provided upon request
  • Lives in Adelaide, South Australia and are available to attend data collection sessions in our Lab in close proximity to the CBD.
  • Has regular access to the internet and a unique, individual, valid e-mail address
  • Is able to provide detailed, helpful, and timely feedback effectively via email
  • Agrees to use shoes only for running during testing (no yard work, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Wants to actively contribute to improving our understanding of how people run and why they might get injured.